Smith Lake Living Articles

I write articles for Smith Lake Living Magazine, and they have kindly allowed me to post copies here.

Winter 2011: Winter Herbs Winter Herbs

Fall 2011: Native Plants

Summer 2011: My article on  Container Gardening is part of a 7/1/2011 blog. Instead I’m posting the article about my friends John and Jennifer Key’s house on Smith Lake. Key house page 1, Key house page 2Key house page 3

Spring 2011: 2011-1 Easy Veg Gard pdf

Winter 2010: Growing_Fruits_and_Vegetables_pg1,Growing_Fruits_and_Vegetables_pg 2

Fall 2010: Planting_Shrubs_and_Trees_pg 1, Planting_Shrubs_and_Trees_pg 2

4 Responses to Smith Lake Living Articles

  1. Billy Cooch says:

    Found your blog. Looking forward to learning more about gardening in the Smith Lake area.

  2. Eddie Hand says:

    Hey Peggy::

    Great job with your blog… Thank you for your articles in Smith Lake Living Magazine.

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