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What a mess!!

I was going to say “Mother nature opened a big can of whoop ass on my garden,” but Dale looked it up, and the urban dictionary says it is lame and outdated. (I don’t want to be either one.) So, … Continue reading

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I Gave up Just Before the Miracle

 Back in the Margaret years, I used to go on sales trips with Charles. (I don’t miss working, but I do miss seeing Charles and the others.) We usually stopped to get directions (because we had been talking and laughing instead of … Continue reading

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Woodland Iris

 These little crested iris (Iris cristata) grow wild in the woods around my house. Last year I transplanted some into the garden. They have really appreciated the good soil and a little more light. They never looked this good in their … Continue reading

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 My friend desires only peaceful coexistence with all the wonderful wildlife in her yard. She’s much nicer than me. I desire total garden domination. Oh I know that’s impossible, Mother Nature is ALWAYS in complete control (and she can be … Continue reading

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A Change of Plans

 These three pictures have nothing to do with my change of plans, but they follow my new rule that all blogs should start with a pretty picture. Besides, Lady Banks wanted to show off. She’s in her full glory right now. I’ll … Continue reading

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No Time

I am extremely busy, and I have no time for a lengthy blog (I had no idea how much time blogging would take), but I’m committed to posting at least once a week. Why am I so busy that I … Continue reading

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