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Too Many Herbivores and Not Enough Carnivores

Too many herbivores and not enough carnivores is my way of saying I have too much stuff eating my plants, and not enough stuff eating the stuff that eats the plants. I have a couple of ways to deal with this. … Continue reading

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Welcome to my Garden – Part 3

In “Welcome to my Garden – Part 1,” you park and come through the front door. In part 2, you go out the deck to the Starlight lounge. By the time you get to part 3, you have been here … Continue reading

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Spring Deliveries – Part I

 If I could do a cartwheel, I’d be flippin’ right now. This combination is amazing! The flowering plant is a Lenten Rose (Helleborus ‘Winter Moonbeam’). It came in the mail on Wednesday with two other plants. I usually don’t start … Continue reading

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Four Great Conifers

In the summer my potted garden is overflowing with colorful plants. After they’re gone, I can’t stand to stare at the empty pots all winter, so last fall I bought these two great, slow growing, dwarf conifers from Tiny Treasures Nursery. They should … Continue reading

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A Garden Prayer

I was in the poetry section of Barnes and Noble, and struck up a conversation with a classy looking woman. My grandmother-in-law had always seemed the definition of Southern charm and hospitality, and this woman reminded me of her. She … Continue reading

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Cranefly Orchids

Imagine how my wine connoisseur friend, John, feels when he’s going through his cellar and finds a fabulous bottle he had totally forgotten he had; (I’m fairly certain this happens a lot.) or how Marilyn feels when she is doing … Continue reading

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What’s Blooming the Second Half of January

I won this phenomenal orchid in a raffle at the garden club meeting yesterday!! I’m positive it is the universe’s way of saying “Hey Peggy. You need more plants.” The only thing blooming in the garden is witch hazel, and … Continue reading

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Garden Stuff I did in January

You may read this and think “Maybe I should do something like that.”, or you may think “That Peggy is CRAZY. It’s January.” Either way, there’s lots of time until spring, or I’m just getting started.  On the 7th I … Continue reading

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