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Huntsville Botanical Garden

I’m doing a series of blog posts about Dan’s Amazing Alabama Adventure, which is the story of when Dan Heims, President of Terra Nova Nurseries, visited me. This post concentrates on the morning we spent at Huntsville Botanical Garden (HBG). … Continue reading

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Jim Scott’s Garden on Lake Martin

Well, that was fun!! I talked about Dan’s Amazing Alabama Adventure in my last post. Dan Heims, president of Terra Nova Nurseries, came to visit me. My favorite part of the adventure was Jim Scott’s garden on Lake Martin. It … Continue reading

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Donald E. Davis Arboretum & A Horticultural Vacation

I’m planning the most awesome gardening vacation you can have in North Alabama. If you read Alabama Gardener magazine, you may remember the article I wrote titled, ‘Peggy’s Big Adventure.’ It was about my trip to California with Dan Heims, … Continue reading

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Longwood Gardens, Toastmasters and the Book I’m Writing

I really should post more often. I was at Longwood Gardens back in the spring, and I would have posted about it earlier, but I’ve been busy. I accepted two board member positions in 2016, Secretary of Smith Lake Environmental … Continue reading

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Swing Bar

I’m not sure if I should be posting this or not. My goal is to write an article for a nationally-published magazine about my new swing bar. Fine Gardening is my first choice, but beggars can’t be choosers, so I’m … Continue reading

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My First Radio Interview + Pictures of my Garden

In my last post, I talked about how I was going to do my first radio interview on July 3rd, and you might be wondering how it went. The first half was horrible, and the second half was bad. Overall, … Continue reading

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Chanticleer Garden

I’ll tell you about Chanticleer garden in a minute, but I love this story about what happened last week. I’m going to do a radio interview on July 3rd on the talk show Garden America. I don’t know about the rest … Continue reading

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Hollywood Hibiscus

I wanted to post sooner, but I’ve been on a mini-vacation. My husband took me to see Chanticleer and Longwood Gardens, and I’m posting about Chanticleer next time. It was amazing!!!! Before the vacation, I was busy writing for Alabama … Continue reading

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Huntsville and Birmingham Botanical Gardens Plant Sales

It’s an exciting weekend! Birmingham Botanical Gardens and Huntsville Botanical Garden are both having their spring plant sales. And for me, the most thrilling aspect of the weekend is that I’m speaking at the Huntsville Botanical Garden’s plant sale on … Continue reading

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The First Day of Spring

I’m so far behind. I need to finish one more post on TPIE, one on the Nashville Lawn and Garden Show and one on the Chicago Flower and Garden show. But today is the first day of spring, and I … Continue reading

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