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Merry Christmas and My Favorite Present

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Joyous Whatever You Celebrate. I hope Santa was good to you and bought you something wonderful for the garden. Santa gave me my new favorite gnome-be-gone. He is called the bird wave because he’s … Continue reading

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Witches’ Broom

I’m thankful that I’m an optimist, because if you always believe, sooner or later it’ll be true. Case in point is the description of my new pine tree, “This is the most beautiful pine you can grow in the South.” … Continue reading

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How to Make a Wreath for the Front Door

I’m continuing the mini-series on things I’m grateful for with, “I’m Thankful that Trace Made me a Wreath for my Front Door, because the Damn Cast doesn’t come off until after Christmas, and there is no freaking way I could … Continue reading

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How to Attract Butterflies to your Garden

Last week I started this gratitude miniseries with, ‘I’m Thankful for the Birds’ and some very fuzzy pictures. – I’m sorry about that, I didn’t realize the camera’s vibration reduction mode was turned off. I’d retake them if I could, but those moments … Continue reading

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