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Was I Drooling?

Last Monday, Dale and I were killing time at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens  – I’m looking forward to coming back Nov. 4th and 5th for the Central South Native Plant Conference. We were waiting to meet our lovely and charming … Continue reading

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The Girls’ Favorite Plants

My lovely and talented daughter, Leandra, recently said, “You know mom, throughout my entire life, whenever anyone says, ‘You’re a little odd.’ I always say, ‘You should meet my mother.’” Well, I’m not the only one. Five more, sharing many … Continue reading

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Hello. My Name is Peggy.

I have been working on a blog that incorporates two very important aspects of my life: plants and girls’ weekend. But I’m overdue to post something, and explaining pictures like the following is harder than I had imagined. I decided … Continue reading

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Sometimes it’s not all Good

As handsome as he looks now, I’m sure he’s on his death bed. Early this spring there was a group of 3, each with several stems. He’s the last man standing. Actually, he’s not really standing; the only thing holding him … Continue reading

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