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Jim Scott’s Garden on Lake Martin

Well, that was fun!! I talked about Dan’s Amazing Alabama Adventure in my last post. Dan Heims, president of Terra Nova Nurseries, came to visit me. My favorite part of the adventure was Jim Scott’s garden on Lake Martin. It … Continue reading

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Pretty Pictures from Warmer Times

Sometimes it’s hard to decide what to post about. Should I tell you that it’s time to cut back your grasses and butterfly bushes? Should I talk about seed orders and getting ready for spring or proper pruning? No, although … Continue reading

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Gardening Goals

Happy New Year! The first blog post of the New Year should celebrate the occasion by looking back or looking forward or maybe telling stories from the New Year’s Eve campfire party. – Not happening. – I’m looking forward. Last … Continue reading

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Very Sad

The man at the wildlife department told me, the fact that bald eagles nest along this 25,000 feet of magnificent shoreline wasn’t enough to save it. And that trying to stop the school board from developing it, was like David fighting … Continue reading

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The Fate of This Land May be in Your Hands

I think the magnificent, undeveloped shoreline of section 16 is the very best part of Smith Lake. It’s been saved for over two hundred years. But if Cullman County, AL voters don’t vote NO on local amendment one, it will be sold … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolutions

The other day I went to check on the Spanish bluebells. They’re planted along the drive, down where it crosses the creek. (My neighbor will certainly check that direction before peeing in the woods again.) On my way back to … Continue reading

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His Eyes were Bugging Out

I’m dying to show you the work I did on the woodland garden, but I need most of a day to finish taking measurements and draw up a garden plan, and I don’t have time this week. So instead I’m … Continue reading

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2010 vs 2011

It was mid summer when I had the idea for this post and starting taking pictures. I wanted to compare the 6 2010 pictures Alabama Gardener Magazine printed in the article ‘My Favorite Place on Earth’ to the same pictures in 2011. My … Continue reading

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Christmas and the Creek

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I sure did! The best part is that all three of our kids are still home. And just like my garden, sometimes family is the rose, and occasionally it’s the thorn, but it’s always interesting, and it’s … Continue reading

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Guest Photographer Extraordinaire

We enjoyed a fabulous 4th of July weekend with some old friends and some newer friends. Among the guests was today’s guest photographer, Kristy. She took every picture in this blog. (I just learned that in addition to being a … Continue reading

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