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Larry Miller’s Garden

Gardening makes you happier. That’s a fact. There’s something in the soil that releases a chemical in your brain…or something like that. And recent studies indicate that gardening makes you smarter too. It’s only a matter of time until they … Continue reading

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How to Water Plants Until They are Established

This week I’m on my other blog for Alabama Gardener Magazine talking about the native plants I added to my garden. I’m also having a wonderful time planting all the stuff I bought at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens plant sale. … Continue reading

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How to Plant Garlic

The blog consultant guy suggested a few changes. I think his best tip was that I ditch clever titles like ‘Vanquish your Vampires’, and stick to something people might actually search for. So I might go back and change some … Continue reading

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Native Plants and Wildflowers

This week I’m celebrating my article, ‘The Need for Natives’ in the October issue of Alabama Gardener Magazine, by talking about some of the great native plants that Mother Nature gave me. Read all about them on my new blog for … Continue reading

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A Prize-Worthy Planter

Note added 12-17-14: My Mensa-smart sister Pat recently advised me that there are certain things I can get away with saying live and in-person, but they don’t always come off well in an article where no one can see my … Continue reading

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