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A Christmas Story

This is usually a gardening blog, but since it’s almost Christmas, I want to tell you my favorite Christmas story. It’s a story about childhood wonder and parental trickery. It’s a story about Jesse, and how I didn’t want him … Continue reading

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I read a lot of gardening magazines and books. It’s part of my job as a garden writer. For recreational reading, which I seldom get a chance to do, I prefer funny books that make me laugh out loud. My … Continue reading

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My Garden and Synchronized Swimming on Girls’ Weekend

Girls’ Weekend 2014 #4 just ended, and we recorded a video to address the three things that we’ve discussed for over a decade: What to say when people ask, “What do you do on Girls’ Weekend?” How are we going … Continue reading

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Vertical Garden at Birmingham Airport

I have neglected my garden and my blog, and concentrated my efforts on doing what little I can to help Leandra through this most difficult time. Thank you for your prayers and kind thoughts. Because I didn’t want to leave … Continue reading

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The Saddest Thing Ever

My family is going through the saddest thing we have ever dealt with. This is what my 28-year-old daughter, Leandra, posted on her Facebook page: My soul mate was buried today. The love of my life . . . He … Continue reading

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How to Root Cuttings

It’s been crazy, springtime busy around here, and it’s also crazy beautiful. The mountain laurel in my yard peaked on Mother’s Day weekend. That’s our newest addition to the family, Layla. Isn’t she cute? Anyway, one of the things that … Continue reading

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My favorite thing about this silly, little blog is that I imagine some future child asking their mom, “What was Great Grand Aunt Peggy like?” And their mom will reply, “Well, she had amazing friends, and went on 6 girls’ … Continue reading

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Southern Snowstorms

When a couple inches of snow cripples an entire city, a few of my northern friends snicker and shake their frozen heads. They don’t understand; so I’ll try to explain. Imagine that yesterday those two inches of snow turned all … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas and My Favorite Present

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Joyous Whatever You Celebrate. I hope Santa was good to you and bought you something wonderful for the garden. Santa gave me my new favorite gnome-be-gone. He is called the bird wave because he’s … Continue reading

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Everything Happens for a Reason

The nice lady from radiology said maybe my broken wrist was God’s way of telling me I need to slow down. Well, I think Someone needs to work on His communication skills. It happened last Wednesday. I was in Florence visiting … Continue reading

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