My First Radio Interview + Pictures of my Garden

In my last post, I talked about how I was going to do my first radio interview on July 3rd, and you might be wondering how it went. The first half was horrible, and the second half was bad. Overall, I’d give it a 3 on a 1-10 scale. My oldest daughter, Monica, was the first person I spoke to after the interview. She told me not to feel bad. She said that I should think about it like it was my first date with Radio, and first dates are usually awkward. I love a good analogy, and this one is perfect. The last time I had a first date was in my early twenties, but I still remember the second guessing.

Why was I so nervous around Radio? I probably shouldn’t have done Radio in the first place. Radio isn’t my usual type. I’m more comfortable with Magazines.

The Plant Ho, Peggy HillWhy did I show Radio that picture of me wearing a pink shower cap? Radio probably thinks I’m weird. Did I really tell Radio that bee balm is invasive? Bee balm is a native plant, so aggressive is a better description. Radio probably thinks I’m stupid. Radio complemented my pictures of Chanticleer TWICE, and I never said thank you. Radio probably thinks I’m rude. Why didn’t I say thank you? Radio will probably never call again.

Thank God I’m not in my twenties anymore! I’m older and wiser and happier, and no happy person ever focused on their mistakes and failures. While it is true that radio may never call again, I will still be the same awesome person regardless. I don’t need Radio to make me happy. The people I love and my garden bring me all the joy I need.

The Plant Ho's Garden

The Plant Ho's Garden

Prince Tut, Cyperus, papyrus

Radio asked me about some of the plants I’m trialing this year. I answered that Proven Winners sent me a nice clump-forming bee balm (Monarda didyma) called Pardon my Cerise, and they also sent a new papyrus called Prince Tut™. I told Radio that the thing I like best about Prince Tut™ is that it gives me huge bragging rights because almost no one else can get one. It won’t be available until 2017. Radio probably thinks I’m an ass.

Prince Tut, Cyperus, papyrus, mixed container

I planted my Prince Tut™ with a Red Strip canna and a Supertunia® Vista Fuschia Improved petunia. The petunia was another one of the free plants that Proven Winners sent this year.

Radio asked if I grew any vegetables. I answered yes, and said I planted too many peppers this year.

Gypsy peppers

Gypsy peppers mature from yellow to orange to red.


I told Radio about my beautiful okra.

Radio asked me about my Pink Lemonade blueberry plant, and I talked about how I grow 3 different types of blueberries, and Pink Lemonade is the most delicious.

Pink Lemonade blueberry

Pink Lemonade blueberry

Radio asked if I collected any particular plant. I’m not entirely certain how I answered, but I think I talked about how I want ALL the plants. Radio probably thinks I’m a spoiled brat. I mentioned Carex and Lenten roses (Helleborus) specifically. Carex was on my mind because I got 3 free Carex EverColor® Everlime and 3 free Carex EverColor® Eversheen to trial this spring. They were tiny, starter plants, and they’re still small, but they’re growing well. Here’s a link to more information on the Carex EverColor® collection.

Carex EverColor Everlime

Carex EverColor Everlime

Carex EverColor Eversheen

Carex EverColor Eversheen

Following is another Carex in the same collection, but I bought this Carex oshimensis ‘Everillo’ from Plant Delights Nursery. It’s my favorite.

Carex EverColor Everillo

Carex EverColor Everillo

Carex morrowii 'Silk Tassel'

Carex morrowii ‘Silk Tassel’

Carex 'Blue Zinger', Helleborus 'Mrs. Betty Ranicar'

Carex ‘Blue Zinger’ is in the lower right corner, and Helleborus ‘Mrs. Betty Ranicar’ is just behind it.

One last Carex that was a trial plant sent years ago, but I don't know its name. - Sometimes I'm a bad plant ho.

One last Carex that was a trial plant given to me by Skagit gardens years ago, but I don’t know its name.

I’m a little surprised that I’m not at all upset about how bad I did on the radio. I think one of the reasons is that the more I become a writer, the more I think about my life as a story, and stories need ups and downs. Otherwise, they are boring.

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